Women's Journeys in Fiber - Footwear: Women's Stories

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Process & Development


Jan Sneesby Aaron Sue Babbs Madelyn Gaul Janette Gerber

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  Hyangsook Cho Linda Sorken Eisenberg Alice Jenks

Laurie Kosky

Marcia Lee Hartnell Cindy Heineman Nancy Herzog Candace Hoffmann
  Kay Lange Joy Lavrencik Elizabeth Mini
Cindy Kuo Sarah McIntosh Cathy Mendola Jeanne Reed Virginia Reisner
  Shelia Schaeffer-Hirsh Carolyn Seng Marla Snyder
  Valerie Rodelli Barbara Schneider Sally Schoch Mary Krebs Smyth
  Julie Rivera Loraine Stillman Jeanette Thompson

(Photos by Patrick Fraser)

Problem - Construct a shoe, moccasin, boot, slipper, sandal using a textile technique or techniques of your choice.

Process & Development - Your work should tell a story of women or men throughout history for whom a shoe has had a role in defining the individual or their destiny. You may use shoes in literature, music, poetry, the arts, your own life or the life of someone you choose. It can represent a trade or profession. Think, fairy tales, depression stories, relocation stories, Michael Jordan, Moon boots, Marilyn Monroe, Imelda Marcos, Elvis, Minny Mouse, clowns.

Each participant will keep a journal/sketchbook paying particular attention to how you move through the creative process. Sketch, journal, sample, and photo document your steps along the way.

Each artist will write a statement to display with the work describing your creative process and explaining how this piece of footwear relates to your life.


November 1-4, 2012, Chicago Botanic Garden. Opening, Thursday, November 3, 6:30-9pm.

January 27 - March 4, 2013, Anderson Art Center. Opening, January , 2013, 1-4pm.

March 9-17, 2013, Chicago Flower & Garden Show.

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