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Process & Development


Marion Beam

Sandra Geis

Janette Gerber

Alice Jenks

Anita Luvera Mayer

Jan Kent

Sheryl Kinney

Mary Krebs Smyth

Joy Lavrencik


Vivian Morrison

Jeanne Reed

Pam Relitz

Sheila Schaeffer-Hirsh


Sally Schoch

Carolyn Seng

Linda Sorkin Eisenberg

Loraine Stillman

Problem - Create a banner, 18" by 54", no more than 6" deep, that expresses some circle or cycle in life. Inspirational poem written by Jan Gerber:

A circle is a cycle
A cycle is a circle
A cycle of life
A circle of friends
Cycles of space, circles of astronauts
Cycles of time, circles of earth and moon
Cycles of thought, circles of insight
Circles of change, cycles of relationships
Cycles of motion:
The wash cycle, the dry cycle, the motorcycle, the bicycle
Physical, mechanical, ethereal, connecting unending streams of time space motion and thought
In continuum, gently shifting and molding us through experience interaction and creation.

Process & Development - ponder the circles and cycles in your life and in nature. Choose something that you would like to communicate through your work. Select the textile techniques you would like to incorporate. Experiment will lead you to your final product.


November 7-10, 2002, Chicago Botanic Garden. Opening, Wednesday, November 6, 2002.

January 29 - April 2, 2007, Anderson Art Center. Opening, January 28, 2007.

January 4-27, 2010, Lakeside Legacy Arts Park. Artists Reception, January 17, 2010.

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