Women's Journeys in Fiber - Mantles: Celebration of Women's Journeys

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Process & Development

Joanne Baxter

Mary Jo Bowers

Heather Dodds

Linda Sorkin Eisenberg

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Pearl Ellis

Anita Luvera Mayer Janette Gerber

Nancy Herzog


Julie Hurd

Alice Jenks

Jan Kent

Susan Lutz Kenyon
  Sheryl Kinney Dagmar Klos Ann Kosiba Marjo Kraft
  Gerry Macsai Sue Michalek Elizabeth Mini Cathy Montoya
  Katherine Nolan Jeanne Reed Pam Relitz Carol Ann Revzan
  Sheila Schaeffer-Hirsh Sally Schoch Carolyn Seng Sharon Shoji

  Mary Krebs Smyth

Loraine Stillman

Amy Trobaugh Genevieve Marguerite Wimp-McCann

Problem - Create a long sleeveless vest using textile techniques that says something about who you are as a woman in the year 2000.

Process & Development - What is a mantle? Manítle : a kind of cloak or loose sleeveless garment to be worn over other garments.

In the workshops, we explored the creative process, kept journals and sketchbooks, learned new techniques, bonded with each other and prepared to individually express through the creation of a mantle, who we are as women in the year 2000.

Brainstorm the concept or inspiration for your mantle, construct or select and fit a pattern for your long sleeveless vest, choose textile techniques and the materials you will use in construction of your garment and experiment with them. From your experiments, select a direction and construct your garment.


November 1-5, 2000, Chicago Botanic Garden. Opening, Wednesday, November 1, 2000.

November, 2000, Suburban Fine Arts Center (now known as The Art Center). Opening, Friday, November 10, 2000.

July - September, 2002, Convergence 2002. Opening, Sunday, July 28, 2002.

September 8 - October 23, 2000, North Suburban Senior Center, Northfield, IL.

January 4-27, 2010, Lakeside Legacy Arts Park. Artists Reception, January 17, 2010.


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